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Strict Laws and their Implementation

June 23, 2022

The primary aim of enacting laws, rules, and regulations is to establish peace in the society where every citizen feels safe and secure. Laws are enacted to reduce the crime rates and bring fear in the mind of potential offenders to not commit the crime.

Effects of enacting strict law

The strict laws are required to bring fear in the mind of the potential offenders so that before committing the crime they know that they have to bear severe consequences.

Students of LLB Colleges in Rajasthan are taught about the effects of enacting strict laws which are as follows:

Deter potential offenders- The aim of providing punishment is that the others who can commit the crime in the future understand that they will have to face the same heavy consequences and so they do not think of committing the crime.

Prevent repeating offenders- To decrease crime rates the key is to stop repeating offenders. The repeating offenders are those to commit crimes to go to jail and when they come out they again do the same. They are not fearful of the law enforcement authorities. These kinds of people are toxic for society.

Create peace in the society- Enacting strict laws would create fear in the mind of the public and they will not commit a crime against anyone after knowing that they have to face severe punishments. This would decrease the crime rate in the country and establish peace in the society.

Effects of better implementation of the law

An efficient implementation mechanism is important for the law procedure. A better implementation is essential because no matter how much strict laws are enacted by the legislature unless it is not properly implemented there is no use of the written laws. The effects of better implementation of the law are taught in LLB Colleges in Rajasthan.

The effects of implementation of laws are:

Gives power to the law enforcement authorities–The law enforcement authorities are the key to effective implementation of the law. Therefore, power must be given upon the authorities so that they can work better and the laws could be effectively implemented.

Proper functioning of the judicial system- When the law enforcement authorities would work efficiently it becomes easy for the judiciary to understand the case. The judiciary is the pillar of the democratic country on whom plenty of pending cases are burdened, due to which they cannot function effectively. It is significant that the burden must be decreased through a speedy trial.