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School of Journalism and Mass Communication

August 9, 2021

Students who have cleared the Class 12 exam got curious and confused about the stream they want to opt for and which college they should apply to. There are several aspects through which you can identify your abilities and area of interest. and in this blog, we’ll learn who should opt for Journalism and Mass communication and what are the future aspects.

So firstly, students who completed their higher education with Arts, Commerce or science from the best private university in Jaipur and who has a strong opinion about the society, the welfare of society & has the vision to do something creative and want to make a career in the field of TV news media, digital media, print media, social media content marketing, advertising, public relations, content writing, editing, film making, video production, Radio media etc should consider BA in Journalism & Mass Communication.

And for such aspirants who want to be a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication, the University of Technology offers certificate courses, diploma course and bachelor courses.

This course comes under the School of Media, Journalism & Mass Communication.
The school offers programs such as:

Certificate in Multimedia and animation designing
• Diploma in 3D animation
• Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
• BA(Journalism & Mass Communication)
• MA(Journalism & Mass Communication)

The school of journalism and film technology at The University of Technology trained the student about the multiple challenges and obstacles faced by the students as a journalist in the field and the film industry.
Students learn under the guidance of the most reliable faculty with experience in the field and the industry.
The school provides hands-on practice and experiences on live projects and helps the students with the creative and social skills required to perform the job efficiently.

The school nurtures the mind of the students by providing them with a learning environment and helps in the overall growth of the students. It also helps in the growth of both technical skills like research skills, analytical skills and non-technical skills like interviewing techniques.
The school teaches the various software required in the field and teaches the art of showing the world reality.

Job Opportunities:

• News Anchor
• Radio jockey
• Film producer
• Sound Engineer
• Film Director
• Public Relations Officer
• Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
• Special Correspondent
• TV Correspondent

Ample opportunities are waiting for the graduates in Journalism and Mass Communication.

In all, the University of Technology counted among the top 10 private university in Rajasthan is perfect for any student who wishes to be a successful person in this field as they provide you with quality education and gives you exposer to flourish.