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Research in law: Why is it important?

December 2, 2021

Best law schools in India involve a higher level of self-study along with classroom teaching and its curriculum and study approach are quite different from other streams of education. Since the law is such a dynamic field, this requirement is even more pronounced. Extracurricular activities are essential to the Law School experience, whether it is research, mock trials, debates, competitions, or moots.

The act of research involves probing for information in a particular field to gather information and facts, analyzing them, and drawing meaningful conclusions that confirm or reject a hypothesis. Legal research entails evaluating legal issues. The practice of advocacy requires legal research for each matter that is handled. It is necessary to gather legal information related to the matter, which could include laws, precedents from the court, customs or usage, and international position. It is from this information that relevant information must be sifted, logical answers to the question must be found, and then arguments must be built, drafted, and presented effectively in court to counter the opposition’s views. As a result of legal research, advocates gain not only a deeper understanding of the law, precedents, etc., but also new perspectives on the application of the law, gaps in the law, or implementation, which can be used to suggest ideas to correct a position.

Learning research methodology is the most important thing you can do. As a result of this first step, you will be equipped in any type of research at any level in any college activity as well as go on to meaningful internship opportunities from the very beginning.

Research Methodology entails discovering the different types of research you can perform, deriving a title from a topic, ethical considerations, as well as citations, all of which are crucial to the development of a good research paper or a case study. You will be judged on how well-written your CV is based upon your publications, research projects, paper presentations, and seminars you attended. Furthermore, it makes you a better lawyer since it increases your knowledge.

The act of writing and presenting research papers develops the students’ writing and communication skills. At the University of Technology, one of the best law colleges in Jaipur, we encourage our students to conduct legal research as part of their legal education and publish their findings so that they are prepared to be excellent lawyers or researchers.