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Podcasting as a Medium: What to Keep in Mind to Create Compelling Audio Stories and Interviews

October 31, 2023

Among the rapidly evolving digital media, Podcasts have emerged as a powerful and engaging medium in today’s dynamic landscape which captivates audiences with unique topics and compelling narratives. As the top mass communication college in Jaipur, at University of Technology, we understand that podcasts offer a unique platform to college students (both at creator level and listener level) to explore their interests, enhance communication skills, and gain valuable insights into various subjects.

To those who undertake Podcasting as just talking into a microphone; it is much more than that. It is primarily an art form that involves meticulous crafting of audio stories and interviews. If you are a beginner to podcasts then, as a student, you must be eager to know the key to a successful podcast. The secret lies in its ability to grab the listener’s attention and hold it throughout the episode. Check out these useful tips for creating compelling audio content:

Purpose should be clear

Whether the podcast discusses academic topics, shares personal experiences, or interviews experts, the audience stays engaged when there is a clear purpose for your podcast and information is logically connected.

Adopting Storytelling Techniques

Podcasts driven by a story evoke emotions among the listeners and they can relate with the content more easily. Strong opening with well-developed characters, and a compelling narrative are few elements that you should incorporate into your podcast to engage the audience. 

Quality Audio Production

High-quality audio requires Investment in quality equipment such as a good microphone and proper editing software. This enhances the listening experience of the audience and makes it more convenient for them to focus on each and every word without any technical obstruction. 

Thoughtful and Engaging Interviews

If your podcast includes interviews, it is advised to prepare thoughtful questions as the audience likes to listen to genuine conversations. You can encourage guests to share their personal experiences as well as anecdotes. Also, active responses also increase the listeners’ interest specially in case of interview podcasts.  

Consistency & Authenticity is Key

In the case of any digital media, consistency is considered essential as it builds audience trust and they keep coming back for more content. Thus, you should try to maintain a regular publishing schedule to engage the audience in the long run. Apart from this, authenticity is also an important factor in trust building. Hosts who are genuine and sincere, listeners like to listen to them. 


Podcasting is a creative medium that not only entertains but also educates and connects people. As the best mass communication college in Jaipur, we believe, podcasts offer an excellent opportunity to college students for showcasing their research, discussing campus issues, and exploring hobbies. Not only this, podcasts enhance crucial skills such as research, communication, and teamwork which are valuable both in academic and professional areas.