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November 3, 2022

Future and Career sounds big words for a student of 10th standard. But, that age is actually the most crucial phase for a student. He/she needs to choose the stream, where their interest lies. Some times choosing wrong stream turns into disaster. Which is why it is very important for parents to guide their child in a way so that they can give better clarity. The stream that you choose, you are going to learn it forward in some way or other in upcoming years. Once you have made a decision to choose a stream, you need to learn that stream throughout and if you need to change it, it will be a challenging task to do so.



Science stream deals with physical and natural world. If an individual is curios enough to examine the structure and behavior of universe through experiments and observations, they can shortlist this stream. It is a wide stream that breaks down into different streams that can be mentioned as :
-Computer Science(optional)


Commerce is one of the trending stream theses days. As it avails you the wide range of career options. This stream will help you learn management and problem-solving skills. Students who are willing to pursue their career being Chartered Accountant, Investment banker, Financial Advisor, Software Developer, Business-Man/ Woman and many more among them can choose Commerce. The areas of study in particular stream are as mentioned below:

-Business Studies
-Information Practices


Humanities and Arts is one of the most chosen stream in last two decades. This stream helps you to reach each and every sector of economy with a different aspect. An individual gets to learn about culture, human context and human achievements by pursuing this stream. Followed subject can help you dive deeper into this stream:
-Political Science
-Fine Arts
-Physical Education


Yes! there are wide varieties of options other than above mentioned streams. Not each and every individual are same. Some do good in their schools and some are not able to pick the pace up. Not just that, few of the student do not get a proper clarity on what to do after 10th or 12th. Some of the backups that you can learn for pursuing better career options are VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS.

Vocational schools are the schools that prepares an individual in a way that he/she is efficient to work properly according to the profile they have chosen. If we look around the world not everyone is pursuing the career in Science, Commerce or Arts. Their are people who have chosen different career option without wasting much time choosing or learning a subject. If any one who holds interest in Fashion, tourism, beauty profession, secretarial profession, administrative profession, Electrician and plumbing; they should choose Vocational learning for pursuing career. Vocational Courses that can help you in building better career:
-Home Science


  • RESEARCHING ABOUT ALL STREAMS: Nowadays, not everyone is choosing the same career options, exact as earlier they were choosing 20 years back. Diverse range of career has been budded in these couple of decades. If you are efficient enough to pursue a career you can do well if your research work is proper. Before hopping on to any decision, it is must that you should know bit and byte about each and every field of interest. Not every millionaire is Doctor or an Engineer, But also a musician or a sports person holds the highest net worth. That is up to you what you choose, CHOOSE WISELY!
  • MARK YOUR AREA OF INTEREST : Choosing the stream is on the basis of your interest. For Example: You are superlative soccer player and you choose to study science for putting ER. before your name. This wrong decision can decline your career graph. Few people make this mistake by becoming money minded, they ignores their interest. Job is about doing what you like. Considering your Interesting while choosing your career is a must to do factor.
  • STOP COPYING YOUR FRIENDS: Imitating friends has become one of the barrier these days. Students are bounding themselves in order to their friends capabilities. They are choosing the career opportunities which their friends have accepted. They rather know about their skill set and get a better option to pursue, but they gets distracted. Each and every individual holds a different talent and capability. Copying can only make you equal but original can help you to stand out as better.
  • FAMILY PRESSURE CAN BE A DISASTER : Family plays a vital role in choosing the right career path for you. But, if you think that they are advising you something which is not up to your expectations and reality , than you should not choose it. For Example: You have good hold in Economics and you parents wants you to learn chemistry or pursue the same, you can say a clear no! Family do have expectations and they can be opinionated about the course you pursue, but if it matches to your reality, then choose it.
  • EXPECTATION SHOULD NEVER RULE YOUR FUTURE : Everyone has expectations and assumption about you and this is general. But it is not compulsory that you choose everything by keeping those assumptions and expectation in mind. For Example : You belongs to a family where, your father is doctor, your elder brother is doctor and they are expecting that you will also become a doctor. But, you wants to pursue career in Law and become a Lawyer. As you see a great scope of your skill set executed and efficiently used over there. Then don’t compromise your Pros on the basis of family expectation and rather choose to be a Lawyer.
  • PROFESSIONAL HELP ALWAYS WORK : There is nothing bad if you appoint a Career counselor or Advisor for your help. By discussing lots of thing with them, they share their view points and that will help you to get an easy way to break the ice and reach your destination. Seeking professional help can also help you to know yourself better . You will get a chance to see what is good and bad about it and you. What are the upcoming challenges you will be facing in the time to come. How difficult will be the journey and hoe important is it for you to be there. Counselor can help you with different activities and program that can help you.


Nobody better than you can choose a career for you. Spare most of your time in preparation and research rather than discussing it with not so efficient people. Ponder a lot about your interest and goals and then make a decision. For better courses and options do visit: