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December 20, 2021

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a kind of physical therapy that helps patients with disability, illness, or injury by restoring movements and functions. Physiotherapists help people of all ages manage their pain and lead healthy lives. They facilitate recovery and development and encourage patients to be independent physically as long as possible.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

 Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four-year-long undergraduate program with 6 months of internship. In the course of the program, aspirants learn and practice the science of physical movement. Candidates who have completed their higher secondary education in a relevant course from a recognized board can apply for BPT. Bachelor of Physiotherapy course curriculum covers three main topics, they are:

  1. Manual therapy
  2. Exercise
  3. Electrotherapy, application of electro physical mode of treatment

According to the best private university in Jaipur, physiotherapy is a growing field, as people are more open to physical therapies. Now, the scope for career development in this field is continuously increasing.

Why study physiotherapy?

 Physiotherapy is a course that enables students to work with the human body to restore movement and functioning. Physiotherapy aids the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with a wide range of physical disabilities.

Here are the reasons why one should consider partaking in a physiotherapy course.

Offers great career opportunities:

 A career in physiotherapy is lucrative and rewarding. Aspirants undergo extensive practical as well as theoretical sessions which prepares them for starting on their career path successfully.

Well respected profession:

Physiotherapists, using their knowledge, help patients relieve their physical suffering. They enable patients to move their bodies and make their life easier. It is a noble task and rewards physiotherapists with much respect.

Decent salary:

A professional with a BPT degree earns more compared to an individual with an ordinary graduation degree. One can work in both, private as well as government sectors. One can even run their own clinic and can earn really well.

Transformative power:

Physiotherapists, with their knowledge, transform the lives of those in pain. They comfort the patient and create faith in getting well sooner. For their noble work of comforting and relieving the pain of patients and transforming their lives into better ones, they must be called transformers.

Safe and trusted profession:

Physiotherapists relieve pain and comfort their patients. Patients trust their physiotherapists which gains their respect and reputation.

BPT is a growing field and offers great opportunities to students. In India, according to the data, the numbers of physiotherapists are less as per the population. There is a growing need for more professional and dedicated physiotherapists.

If you are interested in pursuing physiotherapy, you should pick the best private university in Rajasthan, the University of Technology’s School for Medicine and Paramedical Sciences. The university has all the essential infrastructure facilities to facilitate student’s learning.