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Legal Profession- A Noble One

May 11, 2022

Every law aspirant who has planned to pursue a law programme from LLB Colleges in Rajasthan is ushered into the fraternity with the opening lines in their orientation programme, “Welcome to this noble profession Justice Iyer considers the legal profession as “the most brilliant and attractive of all professions, with responsibilities both inside and outside it.” The underlying ethos of the legal profession is the service to society. The aim is to protect citizens from social diseases.

The purpose of law in society is to preserve the moral sanctity that regulates a society. Therefore, the legal profession is regarded as a noble profession as it is the upholder and protector of law. It is a service-oriented profession which aims to serve society. Lawyers are considered to be social engineers, who bring about social change and development. 

The curriculum of law degree programme from LLB colleges in Rajasthan lays emphasis on professional ethics, where young minds are taught the significance of upholding the ideals and ethics of this profession. This is very important because good ethical practices need to be inculcated so that young professionals perform their duty in justice dispensation. These good practices are reflected in the manner lawyers present the arguments of the parties in front of the Court.

Legal research is a significant aspect of the profession. The better the research, more cogent will be the arguments of the respondent. The Courts have reiterated in a number of legal cases the importance of proper legal research done by the counsels of the parties. The preservation of human dignity is dependent upon various rights and duties conferred. The Courts are the protectors of these rights. The Courts play an integral role as defenders of the citizens, which are evident in the multifarious legal cases all across the country. The legal professionals make a significant contribution to the preservation of these rights and duties, and thereby act as social engineers.

As per the LLB colleges in Rajasthan, the nobility of the legal profession lies in the selfless efforts of the legal community to uphold the ideals of the society and the relentless exertions to serve the society. Lawyers, judges, and the other stakeholders of the legal system work together. They are inspired and strengthened, guided and enriched by concepts of justice, equity and good conscience so that they can perform their duty to the society with sincerity and integrity.