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April 1, 2022

Passionate about studying law and interested in knowing the details of laws of Luxury Brands?
Luxury brands can be found as clients of many major law firms. The lawyers passed out from LLB Colleges in Rajasthan working with these brands may encounter a whole range of issues which are as follows:

Intellectual property

One of the most prevalent issues is intellectual property. Many of these luxury brands are known by their prints, logos and distinctive designs. Fake handbags are also readily available on online shopping websites as well as in markets. For companies, their image is one of the most valuable assets, and therefore, IP rights are significant to protect. Studying about IP rights for a law professional is vital.


Law firms deal with employment and remuneration of senior personnel in companies. Something that was especially prevalent in more recent years is the use of unpaid interns which is now intertwined with tighter labour laws and apprenticeship schemes.


Ethical advice that law graduates passed out from the LLB Colleges in Rajasthan provide, could be on a wide range of topics like Reputation management, CSR policies and environmental policies. These are some of the important things on which a luxury brand might seek advice. Social media also makes it easier for consumers to call out brands for unethical behaviour and share it with other consumers.

Litigation and disputes

Like any major brand, litigation and disputes will be a good chunk of the work in this area. Protecting IP rights involves challenging people’s uses and potential infringements. Law professionals passed out from LLB Colleges in Rajasthan are provided with special sessions on comprehending litigation issues and learning about IP Rights.
Licensing, franchise agreements and distribution agreements

Other issues that lawyers face include licensing and creating franchise agreements, distribution agreements and other commercial business needs that are essential for a luxury fashion brand to run effectively.
Tax, real estate and corporate law

Usual business legal issues such as tax also arise in industries like real estate. Real estate can be an interesting area to read about in this sector, as the premises where luxury brands have stores and offices are located in premium areas, and the cost and matters of real estate reflect this. Thus, legal advice from law professionals can be of utmost significance.