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Is this a right time to pursue career in Hospitality Industry?

September 27, 2021

We Human beings are mentally trained to adapt to changes and history says we have been doing the same since ages. The Travel & Tourism Industry which are traditionally considered to be an industry expected to provide high class experience through their personal services suddenly moved to contact less services. Many 5-star hotels changed their business plan to accommodate the “Hospital related services”, to come forward as one of the warriors of COVID-19.

The question may be hovering in the mind of every individual who is either a part of Hospitality Industry or may be dreaming to make a career in Hospitality & Tourism. At this point, you may feel that it will be a very bold decision to look forward to a career in Hospitality & Tourism. As the best private university in Jaipur , University of Technology will help you know that is it a right time to pursue your career in this industry or not.

New Trends & Changes

The restrictions in Covid have also resulted in opening of new opportunities for the Hospitality Industry- Use of Robotics, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence etc. are all adding up to the existing opportunities in Hospitality Industry in addition to the old traditional opportunities.
Many new trends are peeping for the Hospitality Industry. Report says that people have cancelled their abroad trips, that means people are expected to travel more within their countries and domestic tourism is going to experience a huge surge in business and hence huge opportunities for the upcoming Hospitality professionals.


Of course, it is a right time for you to choose a career in hospitality. After the restriction of COVID, the travelling will remain open for long. People will start arranging their trips and you will see a significant growth in the “Hospitality Industry”. As the top 10private university in Rajasthan, University of Technology has always helped its students to achieve their goals and guided them to make their career in the desiredindustry by learning new skills and advance technology.