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Increasing Use of Technology in Education

December 14, 2021

24/7 availability of teaching resources, which was a dream once upon a time, has now been converted to reality. Inclusion of technology in learning make students feel empowered as they become inspired to be problem solvers and think critically. They become the owners of their learning processes and outcome is satisfactory for them. The Best Private University in Jaipur provides for world class technology based facilities to enhance the pace of learning.

Advantages of Technology enabled learning and teaching-

Simplifies access to education resources:

Alike traditional method of learning which relied heavily on books and other learning resources, which were available in limited quantity, modern method of technology enabled education allows students to stay engaged at their pace and will. Information is available to them at a touch, even outside their regular learning hours.

Improves learning experience:

By incorporating modern technology like Artificial Intelligence, teachers can design more creative and innovative plans of study for students, which helps in developing a curious instinct, thereby reducing traditional burden of rote learning on students. The Best private university in Jaipur provides for skill based education digitally.

Enhanced collaboration and Communication:

Including technology in education can help students communicate effectively on a regular basis. Through online lessons and learning games, students solve problems together. In group activities, they collaborate with each other. This technology enabled interaction process proves to be more fruitful in the context of sharing of ideas and opinions amongst a large audience in a limited time frame.

Improved Teacher Productivity and Efficiency:

Not just for students, technology enabled education is beneficial for knowledge givers too. Teachers can leverage technology to attain new and higher levels of productivity. Their engagement with digital tools help them to expand various novel learning opportunities for students and improve their instruction methods.

Importance of Digital Education Post Covid 19:

Covid 19 pandemic had led to shutting of educational institutions all over the world. Around 1.2 Billion students were out of classrooms. This demonstrated the reason why online education should be a significant part and parcel of teaching and learning. By integrating technology into existing curriculum,teachers can harness online learning as a powerful education tool. Researches indicate that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information in less time.

The Best private university in Jaipur make effective use of digital learning tools like Virtual Classrooms, Augmented Reality, Big data learning to create a more inclusive learning environments that foster collaboration and inquisitiveness, enabling teachers to collect data on students’ performance and provide a feedback for their progress.