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Importance Of Journalism In Contemporary India

January 19, 2022

Journalism plays a vital role in a democratic country like India. In one of the biggest democracies of the world, there is a powerful position of journalism to abide by. In the era of the 21st century, the part augments drastically. They keep the citizens updated with what all is going on in the country. With the raised appetite for awareness among the citizens, journalism is a new way of serving the country. You can enroll in a mass communication and journalism course in the best journalism and mass communication college in Jaipur and become one of the thriving and competent journalists in the country.

Journalists play an important role in delivering the citizens the information they need along with equipping them with the critical decisions and events going on in the country. Journalism is a very important part of contemporary India and let’s know the reason why.

Keeps individuals briefed on what’s going around them: India is a vast country and is rich in culture, traditions, beliefs, and chronologies. It is not possible for anyone to keep track of the happenings of all the states at a time. In this situation, the media and journalism come to the rescue. They serve people all over India with the information and ongoings of all the states around India. People rely on these mediums to know about developments and events of the cities. It also keeps the various cultures and traditions propagated among the citizens and keeps their pride in their cultures.

Keep Government Vigilant: With a promise of development and growth, every 5 years a new government enters democracy. Sometimes the government shuns to provide what they promised. At the moment, journalism provides the citizens with the actual doings and performance of the government and keeps them updated. They also help to highlight the issues that need to be in the sight of the government.

Encourages Political Discussion: One of the advantages of journalism is that it allows the public to involve in political discussions. With the news channels streaming live political debates, citizens raise their interest and attention to the relevant topic, making them more engaged in the country’s political system.

Promotes National Identity: During the times of global village, identities and cultures are getting entwined. Our national identities get confused. Journalism plays a significant role in keeping the national identity intact in world politics. India is one of the oldest, largest, and continuous civilizations, and losing its national identity is not an option.

For the students who want to create an impact on the world and are willing to reach heights in their media journey, mass communication and journalism are the courses for them. The best private university in Jaipur provides an extensive program for media and journalism students and equips them with the necessary skills to compete in real-world journalism.