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Growing Field of Pharmacy

April 18, 2022

Are you interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy? Do you dream of getting into best pharmacy colleges? Have a look at what you need to consider before entering a pharmacy college in Jaipur.

Pharmacy curriculum

Pharmacy curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature. B.Pharma course in general focuses on organic as well as inorganic aspects of chemistry. Concepts of bio-chemistry, health education and human anatomy are a part of the curriculum. B.Pharma teaches the process of turning a chemical into a drug which is called physical pharmaceutics. It also includes pharmaceutical bio- technology which deals with technologies involved in the manufacturing and registration of biotechnological drug and also pharmaceutical legislation along with pharmacy management.


The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest pharma industries in the world. This increases the scope of pharma studies in India. Research and Development is a major area in the pharma industry, where new drug development, formulation development and analysis are performed. For research and development purposes, highly skilled researchers and technicians are in high demand with M.Pharma or have done their PhD from pharmacy college in Jaipur. With the growing pharma industry in India, pharma students have a number of careers options. From hospital pharmacist to community pharmacist and the likes of drug inspector, there are numerous options available.

With an increase in the demand for medicines, employment in the pharma industry is also enhancing. Teaching is another option for students after they gain experience in a particular field. Pharmaceutical marketing and sales are among the highest paid jobs.

Employment Scenario

Students of Pharmacy college easily find employment in hospitals, industry and research labs. Pharmacists keep an eye on the use, composition, and effect of drugs and are responsible for advising the medical staff on the selection and the side effects of various medicines. In case of pharmaceutical industries, pharmacists are involved in the formulation and manufacture of drugs. Medical drugs are manufactured on the basis of the research done by pharmacists.

Low cost of production is an attraction

India’s cost of medicine production is nearly 33 percent lower than that of the US. Labour costs are 50–55 percent cheaper than in western countries and the cost of setting up a production plant in India is 40 percent lower. This makes India the largest provider of generic drugs globally with the Indian generics accounting for 20 percent of global exports.

With such an optimistic outlook, getting a pharmaceutical degree from pharmacy college in Jaipur appears to be a good choice for prospering career.