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February 24, 2022

Research experience outweighs as a top criterion for admission into colleges for studying masters in Top 10 Private University in Rajasthan and even for employment in competitive positions. Getting a research experience requires a high degree of self initiative.


Top 10 Private University in Rajasthan offers for various platforms to develop, encourage and enrich a culture of research in campus and thereby produce students with acumen of conducting research at a large scale.

Here are five ways for undergraduates for engaging in research activities.

1. Ready to work with a faculty member of the college on one of his or her research projects or proposals.
2. Complete a student research program, by identifying potential professors to work with from a copy of research topics by devoting a minimum hours of the day, studying on the topic of their choice.
3. Take independent research project to earn an academic credit. This encourages individual study and research under the supervision of a faculty member.
4. Work or volunteer for a researcher outside of your college which might range from an ordinary research institute, private industry or community-based organization which may be an NGO.
5. Complete a thesis in either a departmental or a university-wide program where a student can conceptualize, conduct, analyze and present it at a regional, national or even an international conference.

An initial step is finding a research area or subject that suits your interest. A good place to begin is to read through different information sources like handouts, websites or departmental brochures available in Top 10 Private University in Rajasthan. Speaking on research topics to other students and faculty members can also be of great help.


This is the next step. Some professors maintain large research facilities and employ many undergraduates to help them with the process of data collection, management and analysis. The key is to talk to students who have worked earlier with the professor to learn about their experiences. An optimal research context is one in which a research mentor has an established reputation, a verified record of quality research work, interests similar to your own and a history of working successfully with undergraduate students.


If you have chosen a professor, the next step would be to communicate with him/her which involves a professional connect. Talk about your aims and what achievements have you attained, along with establishing an emotional connect either through non verbal communication or by sharing your personal details like what is your purpose for pursuing the research program.