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December 17, 2021

Justice,Equality,Reason,Order and Righteousness are specific terms describing broader context of law.Law,as a field of study,means application of various kinds of rules and principles,which regulate human behavior.Law colleges in Jaipur teach wide range of perspectives on law,which include:

1.Legal order and its execution

2.Whole body of legal precepts

3.Civil law and administration of Justice

Almost all of definitions provided by legal scientists like John Chipman,Salmond,Austin,Holland point out to the set of rules designed by a politically organized unit,that it asserts,to regulate societal behavior.


Law colleges in Jaipur provide teaching in various forms of laws like:

  • INTERNATIONAL LAW:It includes legal processes concerning legal relations amongst nations.Major sources include multilateral treaties, international custom and general principles recognized by civilized nations.
  • NATIONAL LAW:Formed by state authority or by individuals(Citizens of the country)
  • Constitutional Law:Basic  or  fundamental law of the state which determines structure and nature of government.
  • Administrative Law:It deals with structure,powers and functions of organs of administration,limits of their powers and methods and procedures in exercising those powers.
  • Criminal Law:It defines offences and prescribes punishment for them.This is essential to maintain peace,order and harmony in the society.
  • Private Law:It governs relations of citizens with each other.Here,state takes the role of arbiter.It further includes:


  • Law of Person
  • Law of Property
  • Law of Obligations


Ever since the advent  of Human civilization, mankind has had some sort of rule that they used to Govern itself in society. Laws set the standard which humans adopt ,for being a part of society. Most importantly, law provides a mechanism to resolve disputes arising between state and citizen or amongst citizens or amongst subunits of state. Laws are created because it helps prevent chaos from happening. Law colleges in Jaipur  teach importance of judiciary in resolving conflicts and provide students with an opportunity to practically visit and watch the working of courts.

ROLE OF LAW IN BUSINESS:- Law plays an important role in the business world. It is law which determines the structure of business organization,its nature and aims it will work upon.It also guides interpersonal relations of employees and that of employer and employee. In business,business and corporate laws set  guide lines regarding employment regulatory, compliance, even inter office rules.Law colleges In Jaipur teach about such laws and their application in detail.

In totality, laws for business create a credible environment where consumers and business owners’ interest can be protected and there exist ways to solve, if any disputes arise. Violation of laws calls for punishment.

ROLE OF LAW IN SOCIETY:- Without law, our society would be chaotic, uncivilized mess and anarchy would reign supreme. It assures that all citizens are provided with equal opportunity regardless of gender, religion and social status. Under law, all its citizens are guaranteed equal protections. In society,laws are made to promote common good for everyone.