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Exciting ways to increase the engagement of students!

October 28, 2021

Students always love to learn with interactive techniques. Multiple techniques keep students engaged towards active learning. Many students can connect themselves with the lesson whereas some don’t. Colleges are using some interactive aspects to keep every student engaged towards study. The best private university in Jaipur have anticipated some effective engagement strategies to enhance learning & boost meaningful involvement in the classroom.

Let the students lead: There is no better way to engage students than to take them out of the passive listening mode and put them in the active mode of presenting or participating in small group discussions. This might be a better option for the more reserved students that are terrified of speaking to the entire class. Either way, the more you get your students presenting and sharing, the more connections that will be made, and the greater the sense of community that will be built.

Journaling: The best way for student engagement is to share experience, sharing of ideas and build a common conversation understanding. It keeps the student’s involvement in the discussion and the experience and stories enhance chances of effective learning. This method can help to reduce anxiety, stress, and support self-awareness and conflict management.

The University of Technology always focuses on creative methods for the active learning of students. Some methods and aspects can assist to encourage an effective understanding. The best private university in Jaipur assesses distinct methods and approaches for students’ engagement. Apart from the stated approaches, mind-mapping, brainstorming are some other ways to enhance the learning and understanding of students. All these things foster the behavior of students and encourage introverted students to interact with others. This process will help in grabbing career-oriented opportunities easily.