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Events Organised by University of Technology

August 31, 2021

Events are the most fascinating element in the college education journey after students take admission in a college. Thus, many students who are actively participating in the extra curriculum activities seek colleges that organize events regularly. Following is a list of events that have been hosted by the best private college in Jaipur. The University of Technology is the hub of events:

IIAR International Conference on 22nd October 2018 : The Conference was intended for the students and teachers to be updated with the present-day face of Research in every field and be inspired by it. It also aimed at building a valuable resource center of research papers for researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, managers, Doctors, professors and to articulate students, researchers, and industrialists with indispensable research works.

• For nation : On Thursday, Feb 14th, 2019, a major terror attack had taken place in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir. More than 40 CRPF personnel died in this deadliest terror attack. On this dark day, the UOT family prayed together and paid homage to those brave Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama Terror Attack against Pakistan.

For Corona Warriors : The outbreak of coronavirus disease could be stressful but the front-liners had acted as a stress buster to every common man out there. Spreading happiness amid gloomy times is quite a challenging task and doctors were undoubtedly cooperative in pandemic times. Now it’s our time to pay back, which is why the University of Technology has resorted to several stress-buster activities to lift the spirit of doctors who acted as Corona Warriors during the pandemic phase. University had organized a cricket match on 1st November 2020 with all major precautions.

All these are some of the glimpses of the events hosted by the best private college in Jaipur. It encourages the students to not only take admission but to have an active participation in such activities. The University of Technology is focused on education and extra activities to motivate students and enhance their skills and abilities.