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Events at the University of Technology keep your vibe!

October 25, 2021

We have seen that colleges are influenced by Bollywood movies and their infrastructure; facilities are somehow inspired from them. These things keep the students attached with a college and also support to maintain a good and positive vibe. People often choose a college that gives them a good vibe. These good vibes arise with infrastructure, facilities, events, and many other things. Events keep the positive vibe! One of a best private university in Jaipur not only engage students in education but host certain events as well. The list of events is not limited to relaxation to corona warrior, seminars for online business opportunities, an homage to Brave Indian Soldier, but there are many more in the bucket. So, to keep your vibe, the events by the University of Technology are as follow:

Convocation Ceremony: Most fascinating thing for the student is the convocation ceremony. The core moment of ceremony is when scholar receive their graduation certificate. At the end of the ceremony, everyone takes photographs with each other and meet with their friends and faculty. Such an event is an emotional element for students and a memorable day for many of them.

Seminar about online business opportunities: Apart from a college fest and other events, an informative and educational event is also important. The University of Technology has organized a seminar about online selling and its support to those who are looking for a better opportunity. The University of Technology has started a 3 months course for the students to learn online business.

Invites the leading personality of Media & Entertainment: The University of Technology focuses on the learning enhancement of students as well as for better learning, it also invites some special guests. Sir KC Bokadia, Director of BMB Production was one of them. He shared his experience with students for more depth knowledge and understanding.

The University of Technology is the best private university in Jaipur welcomes you into a great community from day one. These events are just a reflection and will host many events in the future after the pandemic. These events are entertaining as well as inspirational and educational for students. These events at college enhance the knowledge and maintain your positive vibe towards college.