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December 17, 2021

To unravel the potential of agricultural innovation and to achieve Millennium and sustainable development goals,it is important to qualitatively develop and recreate the primary sector of a nation i.e. agriculture. A country like India,which depends on agriculture for its subsistence,need to focus and invent some model ways of enhancing the kind of agricultural practices that it adopts.Research in agriculture could be a massive game changer in this context.

Research in agriculture requires an in-depth knowledge of theory and practices of agriculture,which is included in the syllabi of the best agriculture colleges in Jaipur. After gaining knowledge of the subject matter,students interested in pursuing research actively seek to discover ways and procedures which can increase livestock and crop yields,improve farm productivity,reduce loss due to diseases and insects,develop more efficient equipment and increase overall food quality.Researchers seek ways and procedures to increase farmers’ profits and conserve

environment.Consumers pay less for their food and fibre products,allowing them to spend money on other things.

Best agriculture colleges in Jaipur train students to research on various facets relating to agriculture. Increasing agricultural productivity remains a central concern of developing countries especially India. This is because it is a major factor determining the level of income of the farming sector, in meeting the food requirements of ever increasing populations, in producing adequate foreign exchange to finance domestic programmes. Agricultural research has an important role to play in meeting these targets, since many of the new technologies, inputs, and techniques of production that increase agricultural productivity are developed through agricultural research. A transformed agricultural research system helps to achieve sustainable food and income security for all agricultural producers and consumers, particularly for resource-poor and low income households, irrespective of whether they live in urban area or rural area. Best agriculture colleges in Jaipur teach students the idea of Sustainable agricultural

intensification,which means producing more food and agricultural products from the same overall resources (such as land, labour and water), while reducing the negative environmental impacts and increasing contributions to natural capital and the natural flow of environmental services. The problems of research in India require to be addressed, which include low and unpredictable research budgets, shortages of well-trained scientific and technical staff and lack of clearly defined research priorities.