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April 14, 2022

Law has a huge significance as the legal profession has always catered to the needs of common people. Laws in India cover a wide spectrum of fields that administer our everyday lives. The changing trends like technological advancement, increasing online transactions, start-ups, entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights safeguards, and government reforms indicate the need for specific laws to provide a novel insight. Law graduates of law colleges in Jaipur working as legal professionals can work in this direction.

An exploration of emerging options like alternative dispute redress mechanism, studying cyber law and its nuances is advisable for a budding law student. Expertise in these upcoming options can assure a successful career in the field of law.

Following are some of the recently emerging fields of law in India:

Foreign Direct Investment and International Business Law

Globalization has made the imagination of international contracts and foreign-domestic ventures a reality. International Laws and treaties govern International commercial ties. Legal experts and advisers in FDI are required to invent plan of action to crack an optimal deal. For a better insight into how international laws function, there are numerous sessions happening in law colleges in Jaipur.

Competition law and Business Laws

The business sector is considered to be one of the highest contributors to the national economy. In a democratic country like India, where politics and economics are interlinked, almost all government policies affect business activities. Hence, understanding of the legal implications of business becomes essential. Rolling out of GST (goods and services tax) in 2017, called for massive changes to be made in taxation laws. Hence, upcoming legal experts must excel in this category of law.

Cyber Law and Technology laws

Digitization is here.Everything has entered the virtual domain. In light of the “Big Data”, securing personal information becomes a primary concern. Hackers can spam your mail or manipulate your data to leak essential private details.Recent developments in the area include the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. With AI (Artificial Intelligence) coming into the picture, people’s lives have become easy. It has also engaged the minds of legal practitioners. Hence, ‘Information Security’ and ‘Data Protection’ is another emerging specialization in law colleges in Jaipur.

Intellectual Property Rights and Entertainment Law

In this age of instant information and access, everything is available online. This necessitates understanding the need of the hour. The scope of the lawyer’s work may vary from getting an author an aid to protect the copyright in his book to attaining design patents, all these requirements are various facets in a lawyer’s life. Getting any new product or service a trademark of its name or filing the corresponding applications for obtaining a patent for a product/ services also requires a legal expert’s role. To act upon these matters, expert lawyers in media and entertainment are needed.