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Developing Knowledge and Skills of a Professional Community Pharmacist

March 28, 2022

Pharmacy practice in general and the professional roles of the community pharmacists in particular have advanced greatly from mere dispensing of medicines to roles which are patient centred. The expectations of the end users of the pharmacy services on par with the standards of developed countries necessarily calls for the provision of pharmaceutical care services.

By considering the definition of pharmaceutical care by Hepler and Strand, World Health Organization (WHO), stated that, ‘the patient becomes the primary beneficiary by availing the pharmacist’s professional roles. Such pharmaceutical services aim for accomplishing definite therapeutic outcomes in patients’ health and quality of life by the virtue of knowledge, attitudes, commitments, responsibilities and skills of the pharmacists.
All aspiring pharmacists studying in best pharmacy university in Rajasthan are nowadays trained to provide pharmaceutical care services through practical sessions which are held in collaboration with experienced pharmacists and experts in the field.

In India, where diverse demography of the patients exists, it is not surprising to understand that difference in the status and quality of pharmaceutical care services also exist at different regions of the country. In this background, it is imperative to motivate and prepare the students of pharmacy for the new set of professional standards.

In India, most of the aspiring community pharmacists can get additional training in special sessions conducted in best pharmacy university in Rajasthan along with one year or two years of diploma in pharmacy (D. Pharm) qualification with 500 hours of training in dispensing medicines at hospitals. Even the pharmacy students practicing in the community with a bachelor of pharmacy (B. Pharm) qualification can acquire training in pharmaceutical care services. Historically, pharmacists are confined only to prescription filling and selling of medicines. Considering this background, it becomes very important to understand the present status of community pharmacists and their knowledge, attitude and perception about pharmaceutical care and encourage them for such advanced services. This will also help us to plan strategically and achieve successful implementation of pharmaceutical care services in community pharmacies in the country.

The present practice of pharmacy in the community set-up focuses on patient-oriented services. Knowledge about pharmaceutical care and adequate training are prerequisites in developing a bright career as a community pharmacist. Most of the pharmacy students of best pharmacy university in Rajasthan participate in professional education programmes happening in various institutions to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills related to pharmaceutical care services, which later earn them credit points which is considered as an important parameter for licensure renewal.