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Designing a Perfect MBA Resume

March 25, 2022

Your resume is the first component of your application that is read by the admission committee of Best MBA University in Jaipur in evaluating your candidature for their MBA program. Your resume provides context to your professional achievements in the field. Thus, your MBA resume should reflect the quality of your professional experience and leadership skills.


Avoid Technical Jargon

MBA candidates come from various fields such as engineering, medicine, and finance, etc. However, the members of recruiting company may not have the experience in your field or understand industry-specific jargon. Thus, it is important to avoid such jargon and convert it into easily comprehensible business language.
Make your MBA resume skimmable

Business school applications of students from Best MBA University in Jaipur are read by independent readers who take 15-20 minutes to go through each application. Once they are done with the initial read-through, the readers provide a recommendation about an applicant’s candidacy. Your resume should therefore be easily skimmable for the readers which can be done through concising large points into bullet ones, using proper space and margins for an easy read etc.

Emphasize your leadership skills and achievements

Business schools look for candidates who have demonstrated leadership skills in their professional or extracurricular activities.If you have an experience of managing people within the organization, make sure to provide figures such as the size of the team or size of the budget you managed. In general, emphasize those instances where and how you identified an opportunity and took the initiative.
Invest some time in the personal interest’s section and distinguish yourself

Your MBA resume should highlight your personal, volunteer work and extra-curricular activities. The personal interest section is one place where you can express yourself completely and distinguish yourself in the eyes of the reader.

Thus, keeping your MBA resume to one page ensures that it provides all the relevant details about your professional achievements and qualities in a crisp and concise manner. Another advantage of having a one-page resume is that it forces you to showcase only your best hits to the admission committee to create a long-lasting positive impression.

• Use verbs to start bullet points: Verbs are action-oriented. Using verbs such as led, managed, developed, etc. put focus on your leadership and teamwork skills. Both of these are highly desired by business schools like Best MBA University in Jaipur.

• Include a qualifications summary: Use an easy to read format like bullet points or short paragraphs. A few things that you should include in summary are brief personal and career record, highlights of your accomplishments and personal experiences and qualities.