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Demand for Engineers

June 4, 2022

There is a huge shortage of students who have expertise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in India and therefore, the need for more engineering graduates is on an increase to fill these gaps.

But in recent times in India, there has been a gap in the number of skilled engineers. As industrialisation and globalisation has set in, at a large scale, number of companies established has also enhanced but the number of highly efficient and professional engineering graduates is at the same level and in some cases has decreased. The Best University for B. Tech in Rajasthan aims at enhancing their skills for all round development.

Important skills to be developed

  • Being a good leader and taking initiative is essential– Good leadership skills are highly sought after in any profession especially for engineering related jobs. As an engineer, you need to have the ability to assess risk and take initiative.
  • Being able to communicate effectively is the key– Effective communication is necessary to ensure good health and safety procedures, that product are assembled correctly, and that everyone working on the project is on the same page too. Engineers usually have a more technical and complex understanding of things, but not everyone they work with will have the same technical experience. For example, if an aspiring mechanical engineer decides to design a new machine or product, he should possess the ability to describe the invention not only to fellow engineers but also to the company who may want to consider this new idea and market it to their customers.
  • You should be creative and collaborative– If you want to excel in the field of engineering, it is essential that an engineer should devise some ways or invent novel ways to take up the tasks. Thinking up a new and effective way of doing something is what will be significant. It is expected of the head engineer that he or she collaborates with all others working him which enhances productivity and efficiency and discover huge inventions.
  • Excellent project and process management is vital– With good project management skills, the student of Best university for B. Tech in Rajasthan will be able to visualize and oversee a project.
  • Structural analysis and programming skills are significant– Whether you are a computer engineer who needs to program a software or a structural engineer who needs to determine the loads on physical structures and their components so that they can build safe structures, you will need the analytical skills to excel in your particular field of engineering.