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A complete guide to a fine Pharmacy Career

July 18, 2022

Pursuing a medical career in India has always been taken in a high regard. With many scientific discoveries and research, medical professionals are in great demand in India. There has been a rising need for pharmacists in the last decade due to formulations of new-generation drugs. Along with doctors, pharmacists play a major role in ailment prevention as well as treatment. A career in pharmacy is a stimulating one, with many novel opportunities.

Work Areas after Pharmaceutical Study

In India, there are plenty of prospects available for students of Best pharmacy university in Rajasthan, willing to pursue pharmacy as a career. There are high job profiles in top MNCs and the recruitment drive of these companies are high. There are multiple jobs available for pharmacy students in various sectors. Some of the popular ones are-

1. Government Jobs

Students who pursue B.Pharm can later work as chief pharmacists, drug inspectors in government hospitals, railway hospitals, dispensaries etc.

2. Pharmaceutical Practice

This includes working in the core sector as a full-time pharmacist, whether it is at a clinic, community hospital, or even a retail store. The main job of a practicing pharmacist ranges from supplying quality medicines to checking the suitability as per the patient’s condition mentioned in their prescriptions, and advising the patients about the dosage of the medicines.

3. Production Department

Pharmacists after learning about pharmacy from Best pharmacy university in Rajasthan can work as Production Officers in regulated markets in the pharmacy sector. The job role consists of supervising the manufacturing and packaging process, handling operations, inventory management etc.

4. Entrepreneurship

One can always start with opening up a small retail shop, to begin with, and venturing further into the bigger segment. They can work as licensed chemists and pharmacists.

5. Academics

Students can pursue a PhD and can take up more research-oriented roles, which allows them to be at the top level of the pharmaceutical industry through their gained knowledge. They can also create wonders by their researches.

6. Medical Writing and Documentation

Medical writing is also gaining popularity in recent days because there is a need for paperwork at various stages. Medical professionals who are interested in writing scientific documents, that makes use of their expertise, research, and understanding to deliver information are widely in demand.

7. Quality Control and Assurance

These officers in the pharmaceutical industry supervise activities like analysis and ensuring the stability of everything involved, from raw materials to finished products to packaged goods, reviewing the required documentation and ensuring compliance to industry standards. Students of Best pharmacy university in Rajasthan can take the exam to become such officers.