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6 Top Trends in Fashion Studies

September 28, 2021

A lot of things are happening in the fashion industry, various designers are coming in this sector who have completed their course from the best private university in Jaipur. Whether it is an international course, fashion short courses, fashion degrees, or diplomas; six trending fashion studies courses are mentioned as beneath:
Fashion Textiles:

It concentrates on textiles development via print, embellishment, embroidery, and knittingand students are given guidance on silhouette, color and fabric via 3D and 2D technologies. There are distinctive elements covered in this part such as illustration, trend forecasting, garment construction, and pattern cutting.

Fashion buying and merchandising:

It concentrates on the behavior of the client, visual merchandise in the shops, and the fashion range’s planning and development. When it is about the source of products then challenges like sustainability and ethics are included.

Fashion public relations:

Fashion imagining, fashion promotion, and fashion communication are other names of this fashion study. Fundamentally, it allows students with visual interaction and technical abilities for fashion marketing, branding, and advertising.

Fashion styling:

It includes styling required for magazines, fashion shows, digital media and advertising utilizing makeup and hair styling methods, media production, and garment sourcing.

Fashion journalism and photography:

In the era of digital media,social sites such as Instagram are famous which a huge platform for fashion photography and journalism. Now, students are exploring video media techniques, digital image production, photography, and location and studio for shooting and they are utilized in galleries and shops advertising. Additionally, there is writing guidance dictated by catwalk reporting, fashion vocabulary, and media law.

Fashion management:

It is primarily associated with developing an understanding among students regarding the business part of fashion. Different factors are covered such as fashion PR, trend forecasting, business development, and merchandising. If you are interested in these factors then this is the best fashion qualification you can opt for.
Above mentioned fashion studies are providing by the top 10 private universities in Jaipur from where you can get the course.