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6 Best Career Options after BSC: What to do After B.Sc In 2022

February 22, 2022

When it comes to picking a career after 10+2, Bachelor in Science is the best option. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc) is the best prospect for anyone wanting to make a successful career in Science and Technology. Anyone with a Science background can pursue B.Sc after 12th. With a B.Sc degree from the best private university in Jaipur, one can strive and reach heights in their professional life. The best part of pursuing a B.Sc is that it offers plenty of opportunities after graduation. Some of the career options for a B.Sc graduate are mentioned below.

Master of Science (M.Sc)

Master in Science is one of the most obvious choices among B.Sc graduates. It involves advanced education in domains related to scientific and mathematical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Life Sciences, etc. One can apply for an M.Sc degree from a college among the top 10 private university in Rajasthan.

Masters in Computer Application (MCA)

Masters in Computer Application is a three-year-long post-graduate program that offers extensive learning in Computer Science. This course mainly includes four key subjects, which are Mathematics, core computer subjects, non-core computer subjects, and software development and designing. An MCA degree is best for candidates who want to build a lucrative career in the IT sector. MCA graduates are offered opportunities in both private and government organization.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

MBA offers comprehensive training in business administration and aspects related to business like accounting, finance, management, human resources, etc. Pursuing an MBA from the best MBA university in Jaipur will help you get placed in managerial positions in some of the high-profile companies.

Data Science

The industry has seen significant growth in demand for professionals and experts with knowledge in data science technologies like AI and ML. This pushed the demand for certification courses like Data Science. These certification programs build a better knowledge of mathematical and statistical knowledge.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is ruling the industry right now. From IT to healthcare, there is a dominance of technological knowledge in every industry. With the increasing market demand for experts in machine learning, more and more individuals are going for certification courses like Machine Learning.

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed)

Good teachers are always in demand, both in the private and government sector. If you want to excel in your career as a teacher, you can pursue B.Ed after completing your B.Sc. To become a teacher, B.Ed is the minimum qualification you need.

These were some of the career possibilities after completion of your B.Sc course. There are plenty of other certification courses and degrees one can pick after their graduation to excel in their careers. You can also pursue MBA from the best MBA university in Jaipur or can go for an M.Sc, the most obvious yet rewarding degree from the best private university in Jaipur. There are plenty of possibilities after B.Sc, you just need to pick the right one. University of Technology, Jaipur is one of the leading colleges in Jaipur that offers all the major academic courses in major domains that will help you reach heights in your career.