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5 Things that make Lecture More Interactive and Engaging

November 8, 2021

Learning needs to be interesting. The phase of learninghas to be changed every year so that students remain engaged. A personalized and flexible learning experience is important for every student. For this teachers are required to make their lectures interactive and engaging. The best private university in Jaipur always focuses on their interactive and engaging sessions to spread active learning. These are some effective approaches employed by the University of Technology to keep their students engaged with these effective methods of lectures:

  • Encourage conversation: The college allows its students to facilitate a conversation after the lecture. This helps in clearing the doubts during the session as well as more questions can be asked that help every student to understand the lecture in-depth. Moreover, based on such conversation, teachers can provide real-time analytics like which students interact more and which less. This helps in the overall development of the students and makes the session interactive.
  • Poll, quiz, surveys: A simple way to check to understand a topic is to intersperse your lecture with interactive questions. These can act to check on knowledge retention and understanding during a lecture, encourage greater participation and debate by students, and generally energize the whole room. A show of hands is always an option but may not elicit an honest response from all.
  • Off-Campus learning: It may not be possible for all students to attend every lecture, as often they may have family or work commitments, be on placement, or are absent due to illness and should not be disadvantaged from missing a teaching session. Video recordings or a friend’s notes are very helpful, but live streaming of lectures now provides access to a comparable learning experience for off-campus students.

These are some interactive means that assist students to learn as well as support lecturers to make their sessions interactive. The University of Technology allows such sorts of learning to make their sessions engaging. The best private university in Jaipur helps in enhancing the learning of students.