The shape of the tomorrow is decided by the science, and nanotechnology is an important factor to consider while building a better tomorrow. Nanotechnology is one of the latest branches of science dealing with the science at the molecular and sub-molecular level. The world is all about packaging the big things in small containers and nanotechnology helps you envision and build an advanced future. Nanotechnology has shown tremendous result in the field of material science, microelectronics, quantum computing and many more. It is one of the most promising field with a secure future and has a great research scope as the branch is still expanding and finding its limits. The nanotechnology is providing solution to great problems like providing a cleaner and more efficient source of energy and by increasing the strength of the materials. Nanotechnology is also the medical field through its branch of Nano-bioengineering and is providing the better medical tools and biological drugs, providing a better solution to cure the diseases. Nano technology can also help mankind in satisfying its need of clean drinking water by better treatment of water. Nano technology has a lot to offer to mankind and is still in its initial phase and if studied and applied in practical life in efficient way, it can create miracles for mankind at large. By studying the nanotechnology one can be a part and leader of a team, aiming to build an advanced and a better future. The University of Technology provides various course in the field of nanotechnology both at graduate and under graduate level as bachelor and master course.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

-Albert Einstein


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