The modern and advance life provides the mankind with all types of luxuries and comforts of life but with this new lifestyle has emerged new diseases and health problems in the society. The diseases can be cured with the new technologies and medicines but there is need of the manpower in the field of medicine and health to treat others with the best options available. The school of medicine and heath at The University of Technology offers various courses in the field of medicines and health like Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, Diploma in Radio Imaging Technology, Diploma in Health Inspector, B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology, M.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing programmes. The school aims at providing the best teaching staff to the students focusing on the enhancement of practical and diagnostic skills of the students. The school visions to have a better tomorrow where every disease is curable and the people are provided with best medical treatments. The school provides the knowledge to the students about the various medical field technologies and diagnostic techniques. The learnings and courses provided by the school help in overall development of the students and help them in their professional careers by imparting practical knowledge and skills in students.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

-Joyce Meyer


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